The best way to get a real feel for what Therapy Retreats offers in it's range of personal retreats, and the positive effect they have, is to read these unsolicited testimonials from satisfied clients. Also listen to what the actress Sarah Parish has to say about David Keighley's work.

"Be open minded and prepared to receive advice as it can improve your life as well as your relationship. David understands how your mind works and delivers this in a way that helps me change the way I think and gives me a clear understanding of how to help my relationship."

Tessa & Lou. Midlands. February 2020

"We wholeheartedly recommend this retreat for anyone experiencing relationship difficulties. We have learnt so much about why we do what we do and techniques for changing our behaviours. David is very good at teaching the subject matter, insightful and experienced. He is very engaging. Straight to the point and taking our relationship to where we want it to be."

Vicky & Rob. London. February 2020

"David taught us something new every day, all backed up with scientific explanations. Very safe space to talk without being judged. Brian reluctant to come but soon comfortable in first session. Recommended."

Cheryl & Brian. Northumberland. February 2020

"Being happy is the answer, not all this other stuff we think life is about."

Bryn & Susie. Bedfordshire. January 2020

"Exceeded expectations. Real enlightenment about our 'issues' and practical steps to solve them. Enjoyed the science behind the therapy. David's 'No Nonsence' approach really works. Excellent accommodation. Recommended! "

Steph & Tony. Cumbria. January 2020

"Recommend this retreat; accommodation perfect; content very good and well explained; straight down to issues. A beneficial experience for any couple. "

John & Trica, Ireland. October 2019.

"I would like to thank David for the therapy sessions on the retreat. They were really helpful and have allowed me to move forward "

Kelly, Northants. September 2019

"Having tried a number of therapies over the years, none have been so effective so immediately or so enlightening. David has helped me take back control of my feelings and happiness. Focused, direct, honest and informative. I would recommend this retreat. "

Cameron, Hungary. April 2019

"We wholeheartedly recommend this retreat for anyone experiencing relationship difficulties. We have learnt so much about why we do what we do and techniques for changing our behaviour and feel hopeful for the future! David is very good at teaching the programme and, insightful and experienced. He is very engaging."

Vicky & Robert, London. March 2019

"David quickly identified what was wrong and was able to move us forward. He has given us the tools and the confidence to build a much happier relationship. On Day One I was skeptical; by the end of Day Two I was fully aware of what was required of us to improve and save our relationship. David is very skilled in what he does."

Vickie & Arthur, Yorkshire. March 2019

"I found the retreat extremely helpful. I was made to feel at ease and everything was explained in detail. I wish I had come sooner. "

Laura, Bedford. January 2019

"This retreat has changed the way I look at my wife and our relationship in just 2 days! We understand what we need to do and have started doing it. I am happy with the way things have gone and confident about our future. We can see that we can be loving and happy together for the future. "

Mark & Monica, Berkshire. February 2019

"Referred by a satisfied friend, we found David provided a thought provoking weekend and allowed us to redefine our future in the "now", no longer repeating old, bad habits, to develop our better selves. Had never looked at the science behind what shapes us - easier to blame partner. We liked the informal, interactive format which provided the tools to turn things around. Absolutely recommended! Thank you."

Ginny & Morty, London. January 2019

"A great private setting to discuss personal issues and find realistic solutions. The way David conducted the sessions, keeping us focused on where he was taking us, absolutely met our needs. Very informative. Nothing like this available at home."

Jim & Karen, South Africa. December 2018

"David offers a no-nonsense approach. His ability to unravel issues quickly are backed by science.You may hear your weaknesses but you get honest guidance how to change.Very insightful. Highly recommended."

Pete & Ellie, Kent. December 2018

"David, my husband and I came to see you a few years ago. This is a quick note to let you know that our time with you continues to help us treat each other with kindness and respect, especially now that we have a little boy and very little sleep, with often frayed tempers! I am forever grateful. "

Michael & Vickie, London. November 2018. [Retreat in January 2016 ]

"What a blessing to find a 'No Blame' therapist! David explained the psychological and emotional background to why we had our problems without pointing the finger at either of us. After some previous 'counselling' my husband was delighted with this approach. Very powerful."

Denise & Simon, Birmingham. November 2018

"We can honestly say that 3 days with David will save you 100's of hours in therapy. We have left feeling the most love since our wedding day. The retreat surpassed our expectations - I can find no weakness! We arrived hurt and left secure, wiser and kinder. "

Lawrence & Silvia, Surrey. September 2018

"David is an immense person; his 'no nonsense' logical handling of our problems was so inspiring. Cuts straight to the core of our problems. The answers are obvious and simple. David and the programme allows you to see it!"

Jo & Des, N.Ireland. May 2018

"A modern, realistic and refreshing approach to 'therapy'. No dwelling on past pain and mistakes, unlike many therapists who spend time analysing past history which cannot be changed. Realising that you can change. A truly enlightening experience which everyone could benefit from. "

Ben & Joan, London. June 2018

"We thought we had a good marriage but were in a rut! We now have the knowledge and skills to put each other before everything else and make our marriage better and stronger than ever. We were lost but have rediscovered ourselves. "

Sam & Pat, Wales, July 2018

"If there's any love left in your marriage, this retreat is absolutely the right decision. There's so many life lessons you can take from this retreat to fit into any/all circumstances. If you want to save your marriage but don't know how - then this is for you."

Couple wishing to remain anonymous, Midlands. April 2018

"A life changing weekend! I really wish we had found this retreat years ago. David is a thoughtful, kind, direct therapist who can see through distress to action positive change. It enabled us both to move forward."

Charles & Susan, Bristol. April 2018

"Early email and dialogue exchange was reassuring as I had no previous therapy. Excellent programme content. Exercises provided a take-a-way toolkit. I arrived somewhat confused and frustrated by my issues. I left with an awareness of why I have them and techniques to address them. Recommended!"

Stuart, St.Abans. March 2018

"Excellent! A real eye opener. Everyone should do this! Recommended 100%"

John & Jess, Berkshire. April 2018

"David has a real talent for making one face the root of your problems directly rather than the usual, less effective, 'softer' approach. Good to hear the science and philosophy behind the concepts and great to have neurobiology explained in plain English! "

Chrisida & Keith, Bristol. March 2018

"We came knowing our marriage didn't function as well as we'd like it to. Not only did David identify why, but he gave us a toolkit and taught us how to change that. The results are life changing for us and will transform our relationship into a happy, supportive and compassionate one. Thank you. "

Becca & Michael, Norway. February 2018

"Feeling so positive and confident that what we have learnt from David will change our lives and marriage for the future. An experience I would highly recommend."

Jo & Barry, Surrey. February 2018

"Excited to go home with a new mind-set. Very easy to feel comfortable with David. Confident that I can take what I have learnt here and move forward as a more confident person. "

Robyn, London. March 2018

"A therapy retreat is a fantastic way to really focus on yourself and work through the homework, action plan and develop new ways of thinking. Lots to put into action. "

Emma, London. November 2017

"My three-day therapy retreat was very useful and calming. The science behind how the brain works was a real eye-opener for me, and understanding this will really help me go forward. I arrived with a jumble of issues and symptoms but I'm leaving with a clear way forward and the tools to help. A more structured and focused retreat than some I saw. "

Alex, Kent. November 2017

"I know after 3 days that this programme will have a life changing impact on our life. We have a sense of unity and love that is hard to imagine just 3 days ago. We have the knowledge and tools to continue to reach new levels. A refreshing and dramatic approach to couples therapy, looking at the future with positivity rather than a negative past. A real paradigm shift. An eye opener! "

Hazel and Alexander, Yorkshire. October 2017

"We attended the "Save your marriage in 3 days" retreat. Excellent content and very relevant, there are many aspects of the retreat that could be applied to everyday life. A direct, thought provoking approach. The retreat left us feeling that our problems are in the past and we can have a happy marriage and a positive future."

Hazel and Alexander, Yorkshire. October 2017

"Having been through the retreat, we really don't think we could have got to the better place we are now in any other way. Excellent programme rooted in neuroscience and biology. David was a knowledgeable, objective, compassionate witness to the behaviours that were plaguing us. No amount of self-help books or self-analysis are going to give you objective feedback on what you are doing in the present and without that starting point I can't see how you can change. We only wish we had done this sooner! The retreat was a very precious time and incredibly valuable. I can't recommend it highly enough."

Mark & Jenny, New Zealand. September 2017

"I left the retreat a brighter and more confident person. I (and others) could see a massive change in me. My kids could see the difference! I have been strong and confident when with others. David, I want to thank you for your work. "

James, London. September 2017

"The therapy sessions were refreshing because they focus on the positives of the present. Many therapists spend a lot of time analysing the past when history cannot be changed. Only now matters! The programme helps to understand human behaviour patterns and gives tools to change. "

Ben, London. August 2017

"A modern and refreshing approach to 'therapy'. No dwelling and bringing up past pains. Focus on understanding behaviour and realising how you can change it. A truly enlightening experience which every person would benefit from. "

Jessica, Midlands. March 2017

"Excellent programme, using the power of cognition to train one's mind into new habits and ways of thinking. First day is challenging! David held us accountable to higher ideals and values. He guided us to train our minds to think differently and gave us confidence to see ourselves and each other more clearly. We feel much closer. Powerful! Thank you."

Debbie & Mike, USA. September 2017

"I arrived feeling very anxious and was sceptical about whether, after years of ineffective counselling,that David could really help. I couldn't have been more wrong! This was a totally different approach with very clear goals and concise instructions. I valued the scientific approach (backed up by extensive research) and the clear and precise manner in which it was delivered by David. It has given me a clear understanding of why I was experiencing these symptoms, and a clear solution going forward! It really has given me a new perspective. I couldn't recommend more highly. "

Julian, Nottingham. June 2017

"Our three days with David provided a much needed time -out as a couple to examine and strengthen our relationship. David's approach is serious, practical, no-nonsense, personal and experienced. It allowed us to gain clarity around our problems and provide solutions. I'm really pleased we came. Thank you!"

Claire & Alex, Hong Kong. July 2017

"Very positive initial session, really interesting content, very direct but not condescending. Recommended!"

Jess, Berlin & USA. July 2017

"It was pleasure to meet David and from the first meeting I felt relaxed and comfortable. I could talk to him for hours. He showed and gave me the tools that, with practice, will enable me to lead the happy life I desire. The programme covered what was required for specific 'problems' and how to make changes. I noticed positive changes immediately after the retreat had concluded. Thank you David. "

Paul, Bristol, May 2017

"A refreshing therapy that focused on the positives of the present. Many therapists spend a lot of time analysing the past where history cannot be changed. It is only the 'now' that matters! The emotions and behaviour I have 'now' are under my control. I am the captain of my own ship. "

Ben, London. April 2017

"I can't think of any weaknesses. My issues targeted, never felt uncomfortable, very informative and easy to understand. No complaints. I would recommend this retreat. "

Derrick, Nottingham. March 2017

"A modern, realistic and refreshing approach to 'therapy'. No dwelling or bringing up past pains. Teaches understanding of our behaviour and the realisation that you can change it - and how to do it. A truly enlightening experience which every body could benefit from. "

Jessica, Hampshire. May 2017

"It's true what they say about David, it's worth the fee for the first hour! After 17 years of anxiety, agoraphobia and panic attacks, different medications and therapists, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would always feel that way. Finding David was the best thing I have ever done. His programme and approach is the best I have ever come across. After the first session I already felt different. Within a couple of days I was in town by myself, shopping, having lunch , enjoying my own company, going for walks and not giving it a second thought. Something I've not been able to do for a very long time. I could never have imagined feeling so different and so good so soon. Thanks to this retreat I now have the tools to live anxiety free. A huge 'thank you' for giving me my life back! "

Kirsty, Northampton. May 2017

"David has helped clarify my issues. He is incisive and cuts straight to the point giving me the tools to dismantle my old habits. If you want pro-active help to make solid changes, this is the right place to come. "

Hannah, Cornwall. March 2017

"The therapy sessions were refreshing because they focused on the positives of the present, unlike many therapists who spend time on past history which can not be changed. I am now in control of my own thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Captain of my own ship at last!"

Ben, London. March 2017

"David, a belated opportunity to say thank you. My retreat helped me move on in my life in a way that I had not been able to before. I am in much better place. I can't thank you enough for helping to precipitate a real closure."

Carla, Hampshire. Update from June 2016.

"​I had no idea that three days would change my life forever, we took a lot away from our time with David and we loved the beautiful cottage and the surrounding area.​"


"Different to any previous therapeutic approach. It was purposeful and dynamic - no navel-gazing required. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "

Michelle and Terrence. London, January 2017

"So much better than all that painful analysis, charts, tasks and talk of 'communication skills' we have had to endure from other therapists. Enlightening. "

Pat and Christopher. Kent, January 2017

"At last, a couple's therapist who doesn't take sides or point the finger. David's 'No Blame; No Shame' style really helped. So much progress, so quickly. Amazing."

Cliff and Beth. Scotland, December 2016

"A relationship and life lesson well worth experiencing. We can now look forward to a happier and more harmonious future. Quickly felt at ease during the first session after initial apprehension. Perfect venue."

Arran and Graham. Cornwall, January 2017

"Any couples going through similar difficulties like us would benefit greatly from this retreat. I can honestly say I thought 5 days would not be long enough - how wrong I was! Thank you David for changing our perspectives."

Sue and Chris, Cornwall. November 2016

"Disillusioned by past failures I arrived asking 'What is this guy going to say that could possibly make a difference?' Arrived very sceptical; left very confident."

Susan and John, Manchester. January 2017

"Wow! That first 2 hour session was worth the full fee. Great start to 2017."

Claire, London. January 2017

"Expertly guided to get our relationship back on track. David offered a fresh perspective to our long established patterns of unhelpful behaviour plus tools to help us change things."

Pam and Julian,Hertfordshire. August 2016

"The retreat from start to finish is for couples that truthfully are there to really work. The outcomes and rewrads reflect the work put in. Very pleased with content as the programme was flexible and tailored to meet our needs. We would highly recommend David."

Brian and Rebecca, Somerset. July 2016

"Completely changed my mindset from the negative to the positive by giving my overworked brain the time and space to heal itself. Combined with David's excellent common sense approach that also explains the science behind our minds working, this gives a fresh start feeling that anything is possible - which of course it is!"

Rosie, Wiltshire. March 2016

"David has a knack for retieving useful information from extremely unhelpful arguements. Insightful, empowering and incredibly helpful. Referred by friend, I'd recommend it!"

Alan & Robin, Glos. March 2016

"Amazing experience. Straight to the point. Tackled the issue head-on, no going round. This is exactly what we needed. So pleased we went ahead with it."

Claudia and Gavin, London, March 2016

"Arrived hopeless, left with a completely new sense of hope and optimism. Wonderful and life-affirming."

James and Effie, London, February 2016

"We cannot recommend this retreat too highly or find a better way of investing in your relationship. So, in summary, 'Don't get divorced; get David'."

Richard & Sarah, Midlands. January 2016

"The weekend has opened our eyes to where our relationship went wrong, and then brought us together again. David is able to see the wood for the trees and make sense of an overwhelming amount of information to help you get to the heart of the problem. No beating about the bush - straight to the point!"

Michael & Vanya, London, January 2016

"3 days with David has totally changed our perspective and offered solutions to issues previously thought insurmountable. Recommend wholeheartedly."

Matthew & Catty, January 2016

"Our only regret is not coming to David sooner. What a difference just a few days can make. Thank you for giving me back my husband". "We would unreservedly recommend 'Therapy Retreats' to anyone experiencing relationship issues. Keep up the good work. Found it far better than 'Relate' counselling."

Jackie & Claude, Hampshire. December 2015

"Rewiring your brain never seemed so simple....but so necessary. Recommend without hesitation!"

Sasha, London

"The time I have spent with David has been a truly enlightening experience. Recommend 100%"

Hale, Kent

"I have accomplished more in five days on this retreat than I have in the last two years by other therapy methods. Soon felt at ease with David. I will continue using the tools he has taught me for the rest of my life."

Ruth, Hampshire

"After struggling consistently throughout our 17 years of marriage this retreat was very effective and eye opening. David's questioning pushed deeper, but I trusted he knew what he was doing. I felt he was going to focus on what precisely we needed in our marriage. I would absolutely recommend this retreat."

Jane, London

"Having Mindfulness and CBT explained to me gave me confidence that persisting with meditation and mindfulness could actually help me change. Beats NHS hands down!"

Jo from Cornwall

"We arrived in low spirits! David very skilfully unpicked the mess we had got ourselves into. His straight talking and knowledge coupled with his ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly has put back where we wanted to be - feeling happy, relating to one another positively and excited about our future."

Sarah & Adam, Oxford

"David's retreat was just what we needed at a crucial point in our marriage. It was very focused and I loved David's direct and no-nonsense approach, and putting the past behind us. Our issues were brought to the surface and dealt with. I left feeling focused and that our marriage will be stronger. David deconstructed all the obstacles that were making our marriage impossible to navigate and showed us clear and simple pathways to recreate a happy, loving and successful marriage."

Lee & Anne, London

"I had lost faith in our relationship, but David's retreat gave me not only hope but even planted a seed of new love." "Where there is a will there is a way and this retreat showed us the way. It addressed all the areas that were important to us. Very efficient and focused."

Anne & Eric, Denmark

"We've tried every therapy going but with no success. This new approach, not going over past hurts, feels like it can not only have a high impact on our relationship but also to our lives in general." "Very different approach but very direct and valid understanding of our issues helping us to move forward."

This testimonial from a couple wishing to remain anonymous

"Dear David, We want to thank you very much for our retreat. This was a watershed for both of us - we have continued to practise the programme most days, using co-counselling when we feel the need and both of us have sped up the process of letting go. We find ourselves, now, in a much happier and more harmonious place and look forward to the future with great anticipation. Thank you very much for a most effective counselling experience."

Peter and Ann, London. December

"David's therapy sessions are very informative and incredibly solution focused. David has genuine understanding of your needs and equips you with the tools and resources to help heal yourself. Self-awareness was the key to David's approach. Highly recommended therapy!"

Becky, from Oxford, left this testimonial after a private retreat in July

"I have had private sessions before, but David is very good. He knows his job and made me realise where I was going wrong. I would highl;y recommend him to anyone who needed a retreat to help them move forward and learn to change old habits. His tone was very soothing and helped me to feel at ease."

Roze, from Middlesex, said this earlier in the year

"David gives straightforward advice that is easy to follow and covers a lot. His tone suited me. The team at Talmage House complement each other very well."

Dominic, Bristol, left this testimonial in May

"David was the perfect guide for what we were looking for - someone to help us focus on the future and to help arm us with the skills to get back on track and choose a different way of thinking about our lives and where we wanted to go. David is a skilful communicator and I will always value the guidance he gave us, and the toolbox we left the retreat with. If you are serious about committing to a future where you learn from the past but don't want to be restricted by it, then I highly recommend David."

From a couple wishing to remain anonymous; written in September

"This was an ideal, intensive programme which allowed the client to identify what needs to change and provides the tools to make that change. Highly recommended for busy professional people."

Sue from Devon wrote this in May

"I didn't know what to expect from a therapy retreat and doubted that my problems could be fixed in such a short space of time. David didn't spend time dwelling on the past and his matter-of-fact and sometimes humorous approach had me feeling different after just the first day. Since the retreat I have never felt better about myself and I have effective strategies to deal confidently with situations that used to have me in a state of complete anxiety! Life is very different (for the better!!!). It was truly the best investment I have made in years. Thank you."

Sara Tomlin, of Hertfordshire, wrote this after a private retreat at Talmage House in April 2012

"I never thought of therapy as enjoyable.... how wrong I was. David's knowledge, patience and enthusiam for what he does is incredible. I quite honestly feel like a different person. Thank you doesn't come close."

Helen, Cheshire. February

"The retreat was very helpful. Each days programme was tailored to address anything that came up from the sessions. David is well qualified to combine the psychological and spiritual iwhen wanted. The strategies and exercises have helped me meet my needs since. I would recommend this retreat. Talmage House is a lovely location for peace and quiet."

Shanna, Kent. June

"Things are going good. Following our retreat we had a lovely holiday in France and came back from it feeling happy and rested. We are still thinking about the ideas and strategies explained to us and we are both glad that we went on the retreat. The retreat meant to much to Kevin as it did to me."

Kevin & Sue, London. March

"Content of this retreat was amazing! David has a unique way of changing ones perceptions of life. It was a truly amazing and life changing experience in every way. I feel I have left a different person."

Suzanne, Essex. May

"Last weekend I attended social events, the cumulative anticipation of which would normally have had me in a state of functional paralysis, and am thrilled to report that the presenting problem has been resolved. A very big thank you for enabling my release from prison."

Sara, London. April

"This is just incredible! After three years we have our lives back and a good nights sleep. After all those false starts and bad advice, this is nothing short of miraculous!"

Kate; mother of Alan, 10 years. Sleep disorder and night fears

"After David’s approach I’m now able to look at things in perspective. I’m so much calmer. I can just sit and relax and not get stressed. Presentations at work – no problem. I can control my emotions and not get worked up. It’s easy – no effort. I don’t worry about stuff; I’m not panicking; as for the IBS – it’s just gone!"

Lucy; 29yrs. I.B.S.

"My times of anxiety were getting less and my confidence level went from 10% to 90%. I started to see new perspectives on life and was developing a PMA – Positive Mental Attitude. My new job starts on Monday!"

Jonathan; 34yrs. Depression, negative thoughts, anxious, made redundant

"I feel a million times better. I've been going to places and doing things I used to avoid like the plague. I've regained control of my life. I can drive again; give presentations at work and go to parties at last."

Jane; 27yrs. Confidence and self-esteem

"My life was constant fear. I couldn’t cope, couldn’t eat. I was tired and depressed, uptight, worried. Racked with doubt and fears. After these sessions I was calm, no panics and my appetite was back – big time! When I saw my doctor she said I was “a different person”. Even things which would have had me break down in seconds I deal with. I can’t remember my last panic and I take life more philosophically, less serious, less tense. I’m enjoying being a mother."

Kay; 31yrs. Post-natal depression, anxiety

"From abject fear of using the telephone to reading at a friends' wedding! What a transformation. Handled a 36 minute phone call today with a stroppy customer. Didn't even worry me. Fine now in social situations and making new friends."

Constance; 20 yrs. Confidence and panics

"This was the best children's treatment programme we have been able to find anywhere in Hampshire. David's rapport with my boy was so immediate we started to make progress as soon as we met. His self-esteem has soared and his school work improved no end."

Sara; mother of Paul, 12 yrs. Bullied at school and social anxiety

"I was unable to cope at work and was off with stress and lots of symptoms; crying, insomnia, panics, palpitations, hyperventilation, fatigue – I had the lot. There was too much paperwork; colleagues were too demanding; there just wasn’t enough time. I just couldn’t sleep or relax. What a relief after these sessions to find I could face going back without any worry – wonderful; a miracle."

Helen; 60yrs. Work stress