A date night can save your marriage

Finding time to be together can restore your relationship

Well well! Surprise, surprise! Researchers at the Marriage Foundation and Lincoln University have 'discovered' that married couples who have a monthly 'date night' reduce their chances of splitting up. At Therapy Retreats we have not only been saying this for years but making it a part of our retreat programme.If you are married such 'date nights' have a special meaning - see Sam and David Cameron. However, the same research shows that for couples cohabiting it simply means a night out and is not an indicator as to the long term survival of the relationship. Commitments appears to have an influence. Couples who date once a month were 14% less likely to break up. Married couples, graduates and the elderly had the greatest chance of saying together. Our couples retreats at Therapy Retreats are planned to allow at least one or two 'date nights' during our programme. This has a great effect on closing the gap that has opened in the relationship between the couples we help and leads to a growth in intimacy and communication, two of the objectives of our retreats.