Couples Counselling Issues

Increase in demand for couples counselling indicating traditional approaches to resolving relationship conflicts not working.

Interesting to read latest report from the psychology department of Berkeley & Stanford Universities (USA) which show how wives ability to manage negative emotions has a positive effect on couple counselling. For many couples the negative cycle of anger, contempt and recriminations can seriously threaten the prospect of a satisfactory outcome of the therapy. Many approaches fail to address the cognitive effects of these damaging emotions.  This research indicates that where wives have the ability to calm down during disputes, both the short and long term outcomes are the happiest. Happy marriages are found where wives use ‘constructive communication’ in order to defuse disagreements. With this approach conflicts can be dealt with more effectively as it allows for the discussion of problems and their possible resolution. This even works if the husband tries to maintain the negativity – usually known as ‘sulking’. Good to know that our approach utilizes many of the concepts outlined in this research and probably explains the effectiveness of our couple retreats. As an afterthought, at the same time there is a report published by the University of Amsterdam which illustrates how enjoying country retreats, other than staying in an urban environment, further increases the brains ability to become clam, boost self-control and become more optimistic. Another factor in our favour for our retreats at our rural venues and helps further explain the increased demand for retreats at our venues.