Anxiety Eliminated

Destructive anxiety is on the increase in today's world. Stress, panic attacks, anger, irritability, social anxiety, work presentations – all can give rise to a sense of fear and helplessness.

This retreat is designed to eliminate worry and anxiety and let the new you rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes of your past. This is where you will learn how to lose anxiety, stop panic attacks and hyperventilation, remove symptoms of nausea, palpitations, dizziness and General Anxiety Disorder, eliminate stress, subdue anger, banish tension, overcome irritability and learn how to regain control of your life. In other words, to become stress free – at work, at home, at all times, which is why it could be called the 'NEW-YOU' retreat. If you are anxious – you need this retreat!

'Normal' anxiety, that associated with an exciting event like going on stage and giving a powerful performance or running from an attacker, is one of the body's healthy and natural responses to an increase of adrenalin. What we are concerned with eliminating at Therapy Retreats is unhealthy anxiety. That is the anxiety that arouses fear, the anxiety that causes people to dwell on mistakes of the past or worry about events in the future. The anxiety that leads to the frequent 'W-questions': 'What if this happens?', 'Will I cope?' , 'What will I do if...?' and so on. In other words, the anxiety that destroys tranquillity and makes it impossible to feel peaceful and calm.

Many normal life situations can be sources of anxiety – for example expecting a baby, bringing up children or starting a new job, and it is anxiety that destroys the enjoyment and pleasure of these events.

The Director of Therapy Retreats, David Keighley, will be leading this retreat personally. He has years of experience in successfully helping people to overcome anxiety and enable anxiety sufferers to start enjoying a life free from the dread and disquiet of the past.

Helping you to:

  • At last understand the mechanisms behind your symptoms – and then remove them
  • Theoretical and practical approaches to solve anxiety conditions
  • Stop panic attacks
  • Eliminate the rise of angry feelings and irritability
  • Cope calmly in any stressful environment
  • Learn to relax and lose tension
  • Sleep better, deeper, quicker and undisturbed
  • Regain lost energy – emotional and physical
  • Be in control of mind-racing thoughts, and subdue them
  • Eliminate 'road-rage' before you have to do an anger management course.
  • Break the worry cycle
  • Lead a life free from damaging anxiety.

This programme is often combined with elements of the 'Fear No More' retreat to ensure maximum resolution of issues.

Retreat Details & Fees