Confidence Regained

This retreat is designed to address and eliminate those feelings of low self-esteem and poor confidence. It will stop you constantly putting yourself down and being undermined by experiences from the past. No longer will you spoil today by fearing tomorrow. You will learn how to improve your social and communication skills and eliminate conversation anxiety. You will become more assertive and develop a more positive mental attitude. This retreat will show you how to address being held back by stage fright or fear of public speaking. Prevent the dread of giving a public presentation or presenting at work. Shyness becomes a thing of the past. We can stop you suffering from driving nerves, examination dread, interview fears or telephone speaking. If one or more of these are your problem, this retreat is designed just for you!

Lacking in confidence and having low-self esteem holds thousands of people back from fulfilling their potential in all spheres of life, at work, socially, in leisure activities and in relationships. These problems are frequently learnt in childhood and reinforced through subsequent experience until the pattern becomes ingrained and it feels as if you will suffer like this for ever. This is not so. What has been learnt can be un-learnt and replaced with an alternative. An alternative that has a more positive, not negative, outlook on life. One that stops self-criticism and judgement. One that replaces 'Can't possibly' with 'Can Do!'. This retreat shows you how to 'de-hardwire' your brain from those damaging patterns of the past, no matter how long you may have suffered from them.

The Director of Therapy Retreats, David Keighley, will lead this retreat personally. His belief in the ability of clients who suffer from low self-esteem and poor confidence to transform their lives is remarkable. He will help you to leave this retreat believing in yourself at last.

Helping you to:

  • Regain lost confidence – create new
  • Recover self-esteem and personal worth
  • Develop a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Find calm is a stressful life
  • Utilise the latest research in brain neuroplasticity to create new thoughts and behaviour
  • Benefit from latest Mindfulness programmes and learn tio live in the moment
  • Let the past stay there - and view the future with optimism, not worry
  • Overcome anxiety reactions
  • Learn to believe in yourself
  • Learn telephone skills - speak powerfully in public - give a positive audition
  • Give confident presentations at work
  • Overcome shyness
  • Stop being put-upon by others – learn to say 'No'
  • Nip the consequences of past bullying in the bud
  • Develop social skills and improved communication
  • Enjoy parties and social gatherings
  • Live in 'today' free from uncertainty and self-doubt
  • Improve sporting attitude and determination
  • Take a driving test – sit examinations

Retreat Details & Fees