Fees and Retreat Details

Your personalised retreat

Thank you for looking at these details about our highly effective, personalised, one-to-one retreats.

Due to a growing demand for private retreats on a one-to-one (or couple) basis, we are increasing the availability of this type of retreat throughout the year. We always tailor a solution to the specific needs of each client or couple.

Private retreats focus on the specific issues of a particular client and the benefit of 100% of the therapist’s time being allocated to the individual (or couple). For this reason they are very popular and achieve excellent results.

Why one-to-one?

Much more can be achieved at a focused, intense retreat over a short period (a few days to a week) when compared with ‘traditional’, week-by-week counselling, which is usually less effective due to the sporadic and protracted nature of the approach. As a guide, we are often told by clients that they have learnt more, changed more and made more progress with us on a short retreat than in six months’ weekly counselling. The cost-effectiveness of this speaks for itself, and it is one of the reasons why we concentrate on this approach.

Our high success rate (85% for couples in 2019) is because cognitive change (a permanent change in the way you think; Mindset) and a more positive mental attitude (PMA) are actually achieved within the duration of the retreat, thanks to the nature of the programmes and the approach we use, combined with the strategies we teach to help clients progress to a fresh start for the future.

A focused approach that really works

Personal development, lifestyle change, habits and traumas from the past, social anxiety, poor self-esteem, lack of PMA, low confidence and other forms of anxiety and negativity are all frequently dealt with at our retreats. Specialist retreats for improving (or saving) relationships are also in high demand, as results far exceed those achieved by the usual weekly counselling sessions.

With over 35 years’ experience, we have refined our programmes to target the essential causes of the trouble and address faulty thought processes in order to remedy the problem at its core – not just to temporarily alleviate the symptoms. Our aim is for a permanent solution, rather than a lifetime’s struggle to overcome feelings and behaviours which appear to be beyond the client’s ability to resolve, and our intention is to restore the client to full control over their emotional and psychological life.

We do not aim to ‘manage’ symptoms; rather, we aim to eliminate them and their causes. Our approach is highly focused and situation-specific, and we concentrate on removing causes rather than only seeing symptoms (which is the time-pressed GP’s usual resort). Please take a moment to look at the testimonials on our website to see what other clients have to say about the results they achieved with us.


Retreat Content and Therapies

Within a retreat there are a range of activities as well as the 1-2-1 sessions. A day usually starts with that day's personal 1-2-1 session followed by various 'homework' exercises which have to be completed to maximise the effects of the programme. Worksheets may be used for some concepts. There is some reflection time, reading and the use of the very effective 'Therapy Diary'. Time is allowed to practice certain relaxation, meditation and mindfulness exercises where these are indicated. Exploring the practical application of the programmes 'Cognitive Tool-Kit' on the clients return home takes additional time. Homework, exercises and practice during the retreat draws on a wide range of therapeutic modalities which allow speedy resolution of relationship issues.   Our unique approach to the therapeutic application of 'Time Therapy' runs throughout the programme. We also allow for the all important time for some rest and relaxation away from work, home and family in the environs of our rural venues and surrounding places of interest.

Our Relationship Retreat's Objectives

SESSION 1 : To understand and eliminate past conditioning, habits and barriers to a harmonious relationship, without blame or recriminations from the past.

SESSION 2 : To establish neuroscience-based deep understanding of reasons for failure and ways to achieve future success.

SESSION 3 : To provide an effective TOOLKIT designed to maintain the progress made and ensure future strengthening. Further post-retreat support also available.

All our retreats have these objectives, but in relation to overcoming a wide range of other issues, like anxiety, depression, self-esteem or confidence.


Future results – not past suffering

We have high expectations that a retreat of a few days to a week will eliminate or overcome the issues being addressed, no matter how long our clients have experienced these ‘symptoms’ in the past. Our unique ‘Fast Therapy’ cognitive approach focuses on future improvement and not on past suffering. Couple clients especially appreciate this approach as it eliminates the need to uncover past painful experiences.

FEES...  How much will it cost? 

The full therapy programmes we run, regardless of issues being resolved, costs £1800 for a midweek retreat (two nights, three days midweek), £2000 for a weekend retreat ( Friday - Sunday ) and £3500 for a full midweek 5-day (Monday - Friday 4 nights) retreat. Fees are for a couple or an individual client.  This includes all the one-to-one sessions spread across the retreat, with retreat notes, plus the various homework packages and programmes you will be expected to practise during your time on retreat, as well as some reading, reflection, relaxation and the opportunity to explore local places of interest, time together and date-nights - and ongoing support following your retreat. Fees are usually paid by our MAKE A PAYMENT website page or by BACS transfer. 

FEES FOR 'RETREAT AT HOME' THERAPY ARE CHARGED ON A SESSIONAL BASIS OF £100 PER HOUR. This often means a resolution to the issues at a much reduced rate over the residential face-to-face retreats. No discounts are available for these sessions. 

A 50% fee discount is now being offered for all face-to-face retreats - inc. couple therapy - booked in 2021 to help clients who need to recover from the damaging effects of the Covid19 pandemic. Please ask with first enquiry. We are sorry we can rarely offer an immediate retreat due to demand for our programmes unless we have a cancellation.

Retreat accommodation at one of our carefully selected self-catering country cottages is additional to the retreat programme fee. Our venues are carefully selected and highly valued by past clients. Inc. of breakfast the fee is £120 per night.

A note on value...

The fees for our retreats represent excellent value when client's appreciate they are receiving probably the best approach to effective, short-term, intensive therapy available in the UK today, with a proven track-record. Perhaps even worldwide when you consider our growing international clientele. You are also getting the private and individual attention, on a sole basis, of Therapy Retreats Ltd Director and clinical therapist, David Keighley. Some of our approaches and techniques are unique to Therapy Retreats Ltd and not available in any other counselling programme.

Our testimonials give some idea of how past clients have benefited from a personalised retreat with us.


Additional 'Maintenance Contracts' to support post-retreat progress can be arranged on request to monitor ongoing progress and ensure sucess is maintained. This involves daily communication with your therapist who will track you are following the programme, and give further daily advice, to enable a successful long-term outcome. There is an additional fee for this support programme.

These fees offer excellent value for money compared with traditional weekly counselling which can soon accrue fees of many thousands of pounds over a course which can often run into many months at London/city fees, and there are no additional weekly costs or time involved in travelling. The drop-out rate for many non-retreat therapy courses is high due to the difficulty of staying the course over an extended period of time.

The majority of our clients have had experience of previously unsatisfactory counselling approaches. Our Testimonials show clients appreciation of our short, focused, intense and effective programmes which suit the lifestyle and work commitments of todays world. Many satisfied couples have mentioned what their costs would have been had they divorced - in emotional, personal and effect on children terms as well as financial.

What now?

If you would like to pursue this further and let us help you to address your concerns, please e-mail or phone for our Confidential Personal Details Form and return it to us by email. This will give us a more complete picture of your needs and will enable us to devise a bespoke programme for your retreat. Once we have created your tailored programme we will contact you to discuss it further.

It would be unprofessional to offer retreats to clients where there is a low expectation of progress. Our pre-assessment ensures that our clients maintain a high rate of success, currently (2019 figures) 85%.

At Therapy Retreats we do realise the courage and determination it takes to face personal and emotional issues and seek help with them. If you would like to be reassured or better informed about any aspect of our approach or our retreats, please do not hesitate to make contact. You may find a telephone call particularly helpful, as it will give us an opportunity to explore your particular concerns. During the call I should also be delighted to offer further insight into how we will address your issues, together with some tips that can help you begin the process and prepare for your retreat.

We can assure you that you will receive the highest standard of care, courtesy, confidentiality and consideration before, during and following any of our retreats. While we will be working hard to focus on the issues you wish to address, you will also be able to rest and relax in the beautiful English countryside – away from the cares and stresses of everyday life. It’s the perfect backdrop for healing and restorative therapy that really makes a difference.

International Clients and Special, bespoke programmes

In 2018 we have seen an increasing number of clients from overseas who have searched at home, without sucess, for the type of programme we offer. We have been pleased to accommodate clients from the USA, Belgium, Dubai, Canada, Russia, India, Germany, China, South Africa, Israel, Cayman Islands, Japan, Denmark, Philippines, France, Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand and all regions of the UK. Likewise we have helped clients who wish to retain a higher degree of confidentiality than normal due to their 'status'. Although we give great attention to the individual needs of all our clients, we are able to offer a specifically designed package to meet these particular client needs which may also include home therapy visits, follow-up programmes and travel abroad. Fees for this are available on application.

Thank you again for looking at these details and I am optimistic (founded on past experience) that we can meet your needs on the way to a more contented future and help you move on from the troubling issues which caused you to explore our website.

"And without the 'religious' mind, without that feeling, life is like a flower that has no fragrance, a river bed that has never known the rippling waters over it, it is like the earth that has never grown a tree, a bush, a flower." J.Krishnamurti