Save Your Marriage In Three Days

“Three days! That’s just a weekend or the middle bit of a week. For years our relationship has been going downhill. Rows. Upsets. Arguments. Poor communication. How do we recover this in three days?“ This is a retreat for couples wanting to save a relationship in crisis.

Well, let me assure you, you can do it. I see it happening weekly. I’ve seen it happen a thousand times over nearly four decades. Forget all the psychobabble you may have read and the endless hours weekly getting more upset telling a bored therapist about how bad your last week together has been and just answer the following questions:

  1. Do you both still, deep down, love your spouse? (Ignore the past hurts, affairs and pain and just answer for this moment.)
  2. Do you both want to stay together if you can work this out? (For each other as well as the children!)
  3. Are you both prepared to learn what you have both been doing wrong? (We don't take sides!)
  4. Are you both prepared to practice what you need to do to get it right? (Like playing a musical instrument, if you don’t practice you won’t make any progress.)

Four simple questions. If you have four ‘YES’ answers you can’t fail (even if it was hard work getting to these conclusions). And three days, two nights, is all it takes. Arrive Friday lunchtime with little or no hope, leave Sunday afternoon with a future. Or midweek if you prefer. These will be a very special three days. Focused, intense days. Three days devoted to getting it right. It’s certainly not ‘Relate’. It’s not a picnic, but it is worth it. (A slightly easier ride can be had over a five-day retreat which allows more time to practice the exercises devised specifically for your retreat). Our programme is individually tailored to YOUR marriage. This is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

There are no complicated theories requiring a degree in psychology to understand. Just some simple concepts, exercises and common sense. Plus a great deal of information and treatments. Unlike many approaches to ‘couple counselling’ you will enjoy these. There is no psycho-archaeology. In other words I am not interested in your past or the mistakes you have made or the pain you have caused each other. Nor am I convinced that it is your background, your upbringing, your schooling, the way your parents treated you or the way they might have behaved that prevents you from overcoming the difficulties you are facing.

Nothing from your past stands in the way of you both being able to recover your marriage having given the four ‘YES’ answers. There are no endless case histories of how couples have made a hash of things. It is devoted to showing you both, personally and individually, what you have been doing wrong, how to stop doing those things and how to start doing what will make your marriage work from now. From the very first session. It is target orientated. There is a constant focus on how to start putting things right, no matter how many years they have being going wrong. Our objective is success. You don't have to be 'married' to save your relationship, this retreat is for all couples.

A structured process to help recover, then maintain, your relationship, is the foundation of this retreat. Our follow-up maintenance programme keeps you on track if you feel you need ongoing support as things change for the better.

"The only advice you should seek is from those with long and successful marriages behind them. They're the only therapists worth listening to."

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Good advice as this is a question most couples are reluctant to ask a therapist before counselling starts.

Our 3-Day Relationship Retreat's Objectives

SESSION 1 : To understand and eliminate past conditioning, habits and barriers to a harmonious relationship.

SESSION 2 : To establish science-based deep understanding of reasons for failure and ways to achieve future success.

SESSION 3 : To provide TOOLKIT to maintain progress made and ensure future strengthening.

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'The retreat that claims to save your relationship in three days'
Anna Magee (Daily Telegraph) health website
March 21 2016

Take heart, help is on the way

First, do not despair. At Therapy retreats we do not take sides or play the 'blame game' so often experienced by our clients with previous therapists. Nor do we harp on about past suffering and expect you to retell us about the dreadful week, year or life you have had (which only serves the purpose of making you feel even worse and deepens your despair).

Our unique approach to resolving relationship problems takes a forward looking stance from the very first session. What the loving potential of your relationship can be is far more important to us than what you have been doing wrong for so long.

The start of the first session is usually marked by distress, upset and a sense of overwhelming fear that nothing can help as clients tell us how bad things are. At this stage they have lost all sense of what drew them together and how much is still there but buried under a seemingly impossible to resolve pile of hurt.

Two hours later life usually looks a little rosier.

At Therapy Retreats we are used to dealing with all the moans, groans and gripes revealed by the research. Plus many more it doesn't mention; the rows, the anger, the misperceptions and misunderstandings. We know where they come from, we know how they become a habit and we know how to eliminate them - quickly! Do not be undermined by the doomsayers who say there is no such thing as a 'quick fix'. Our results over the years and our glowing Testimonials prove otherwise.

Whether you are looking to harmonise a damaged relationship, overcome some loss of trust or faith in your partner (perhaps over an affair) or desperately dragging a marriage back from the brink of collapse our couples programmes will give you the tools and understanding necessary to achieve the goals you hope can be possible for your future together.

You can have every confidence that all is not lost, no matter how bleak things may look at present. It is never too late to have the relationship you want.

True Love never gives up.